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After many years spent scouting the mall, thrift, consignment and one-of-a-kind boutiques, REfind was born. I have always loved making my home unique by mixing old and new; high and low. As a young homeowner my desire for the “magazine look” was generally greater than my budget so I learned the art of mixing found accessories with what I could afford new. As my budget increased I still saw value in never spending more than I needed to in order to achieve a place that I love to call home.

With the completion of my new cottage across the street I am literally living above the shop! A dream come true for a former military brat whose roots are finally sown. I wake up every morning looking forward to making REfind an inviting experience for all of my customers. You will find a shop curated much as I have curated my own home; a bit old, a bit new and always something to make you smile.

I am Carey Williams, owner of REfind. Stop by, I would love to meet you!


101 Church Street, Vienna, VA

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