Interior Design

They say necessity is the mother of invention. In my case, it is also the mother of interior design. As a young woman on a strict budget, I wanted a nice space, but lacked the funds it would take to create it. Early on it was discovered that one could design whatever one wanted by being creative and resourceful. In particular, translating the parts of a room into a more functional, aesthetically pleasing whole. Helping create a room seen in a magazine and doing it within a reasonable budget. Understanding the importance of knowing where to spend and where to save. Over the years I have cultivated inventive resources and have a talent for repurposing furniture, accessories, art, and even rugs. My love of color and texture help create the finished look.

Heather Wombacher
Interior Stylist
REfind: 703.938.3463
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Every home has a language….what does your home say about you?

interior2Styling a home is a little like therapy. One must sit down with a space and its family to get to the home’s psyche. How do you want to live? How do you want to feel when you enter the front door?

My skill lies in helping the price conscious client create a space that is welcoming and uniquely theirs. I offer guidance that translates into an affordable, new vision for your home. Whether it is helping you reinvent a room, getting ready for a soiree or making magic in your home for the holidays, my intuitive design skills can make your house proud.

Menu of Services

Interior Redesign

$75 per hour
Proper furniture and accessory placment. Re-purposing items from other rooms, picking the perfect paint color. All these things go into a proper re-design.

Color Consultation

$75 per room
Minimum 3 rooms

In two visits we will select samples for you to apply to your walls. After you have lived with your options, I will return to help you make the final choices.

Art and Accessory Placement

$75 per hour
If you are happy with your room, but feel that it needs a finishing touch.

Personal Shopping and Procurement

$75 per hour
Plus cost of items

Move in Design Service

$75 per hour
4 hour minimum

I will guide you room by room on furniture and accessory placement as you move into your new home.

Seasonal, Holiday, and Lifestyle Decor

$75 per hour
Preparing for a divine party? Desire a festive home for the holidays? If you don’t feel you have time or maybe the talent, I can help you set the tone.



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