Why do you say no to certain pieces during a consignment?

We choose things for many reasons. Some of the things we consider are season, condition, cleanliness of item, if we have too much of that sort of item in the store at that time, saleability based on our experince in the shop over the years.

Why will you not negotiate on prices?

We have contracts with our consignors where we agree to sale prices prior to them leaving their items.

You only keep home accessory pieces for 30 days?

At REfind we like to keep it fresh. If a piece doesn’t sell in it’s contracted 30 days we send it home to the owner so our customers have new merchandise and so other consignors can get their items in our shop

Can you hold this piece for me?

Again, it comes down to our consignor. Our goal it to sell their items. If we hold pieces and the holdee never returns we have found that sales have been lost. This doesn’t work for the consignor or for the shop.

There is a chip in this piece?

Small chips and dings are part of the consignment business. We only take what we ourselves would have in our own home. We price pieces based on knowledge of a slight chip or ding.

I see you have started to carry more new merchandise?

Yes, we have learned that sometimes in a consignment situation we can be left without any merchandise to sell. Both a good and bad problem. Having newer pieces ensures we will always have bigger pieces of furniture to merchandise with. Also, we have found our gift business has grown and our customers love having a place close to home to pick up a nice hostess or birthday gift.

How will I get this piece of furniture home?

At this time we do not have a service to move purchased furniture to peoples homes. We can however, suggest a local mover who can assist you with a piece if you cannot find a good friend with a handy pick up truck.

Can you special order an item for me?

Certain new items can be ordered. For example our Dash and Albert rugs can be ordered in any size or pattern and are usually to our store in about a week. Please ask if there is an item you are interested in.

Why do you not take returns?

We are primarily a consignment store, set up on a consignment system. As soon as a sale is processed the funds are deposited in the consignors account.

Do you give “free” advice?

Advice at REfind is free! We love connecting with our customers and finding out about their homes. We have an in-house stylist who makes house calls and can assist you with all of your design projects. Check her out on our Products and Services page!

101 Church Street, Vienna, VA

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