How to Consign

How can I consign my things?

Consignments are accepted by appointment only. Please call 703-938-FIND to schedule your private appointment. We request a list of your items as well as your name and telephone number on the list. We will examine up to 20 items at each appointment. Any items we are unable to accept will be returned to you immediately. We recommend that you call in advance should you wish to sell large items such as large wall art, large lamps or furniture (anything that you can not carry in on your own). Large items will require preapproval done by email. Prepare your items for consignment by ensuring they are clean, in like-new condition and ready for display. All items will be cataloged and assigned a unique consignor and stock number. We are not responsible for loss, damage or theft of any consigned item.

Who prices my items and what is my commission?

The owner of REfind will price your items according to market conditions. Our objective is to sell as many items as we can for the best possible price. We both benefit from proper pricing! You will receive 50% of the selling price on all of your goods. The consignment period is for 30 days for small items and 90 days for larger furniture items.

What happens at the end of my consignment period?

Consignors must retrieve unsold items within 7 days of the end of the consignment period or they become the property of the store. All items sold are credited to your account when they are sold. Checks will be issued to all accounts on the 10th of each month. We will not mail checks, it is your responsibility to stop by and collect your check. If you do not collect your funds within 60 days of when the check is issued the check will become void and the funds will no longer be payable to you. Uncollected funds become the property of REfind.

Are there markdowns?

Items will be sold at full ticket price for 30 days. After that prices may be reduced at the discretion of REfind. Seasonal items will be discounted as the end of the “season” approaches.

What is the return policy?

Items are sold “as is”. We do not hold items or haggle prices. We do not accept returns.

What kinds of things are we looking for?

Tables, Chairs, Beds, Side Tables, Desks, Bookshelves, Kitchen Islands, Armoires, Chests, Lamps, Mirrors, Wall Art, Vintage collectables, Sets of Dishes, Sets of Flatware, Sets of Glasses, Iron, Pottery, Garden Items and Anything with a touch of Whimsy! If you are unsure about what to consign, please call the store to discuss your items. We only accept current or truly “antique” items. If they are left over from your yard sale and you didn’t want them; we probably don’t want them either.

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